Coaching can help you:

​-Honor Yourself and your needs

-Find the root of low self esteem

-Move past limitations that you are having trouble identifying but know is there

-Assist you to forgive yourself and others

-Help you with your thought patterns

-Move through current obstacles and thrive

-Release karma

 ​Certified Spiritual Psychologist & Heal Your Life® Spiritual Coach & Teacher

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Luann Chou 

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Luann is a Certified Spiritual Psychologist and Life Coach who's specialty is assisting people to align with their highest selves. Using her gift of intuition and heart centered listening skills, Luann effortlessly puts her clients at ease. She has an ability to zone into her client’s core concern quickly and guide them into the transition that is being called forth. The ability to honor oneself is a huge part of Luann’s work. If you are having trouble in this area, Luann will lovingly assist you. A big part of Luann's work is also balancing thoughts, actions and the vibration we are emitting.

Luann is a Certified Heal Your Life Coach & Teacher based on Louise Hay's teachings and she holds her Spiritual Psychology Certification from the University of Santa Monica. For more information, email Luann at or call 626-664-1287