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Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Teacher

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Luann Chou 

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Life Coaching can help you:

Honor Yourself and your needs

Navigate career goals  

Heal hurts in current or past relationships

Identify and move through negative beliefs & fears

Work through anger issues
Set and achieve personal goals
Increase your confidence
Learn to love yourself and others

Be more accepting of yourself and others

Learn to forgive yourself and others

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Luann is a Life Coach who's specialty is helping people move their lives into the direction that's meant for them.  Using her gift of intuition and heart felt listening skills, Luann effortlessly puts you at ease and helps you transition into the next phase of your life - Are you seeking your Highest and Best?  That is always Luann's aim.  Your highest and your best.  

Honoring yourself and guiding your thoughts are the foundation of Luann's work.  Simple concepts but not always so easy to execute alone. Luann's core belief is that when we love ourselves more and honor our true selves, everything begins to shift in our lives.  How can they not?  


​Luann is a Certified Heal Your Life Teacher based on Louise Hay's teachings.   She is also working towards her Spiritual Psychology Certification at University of Santa Monica.  

If you're thinking about coaching with Luann, please call Luann for a complimentary 20 minute consultation.

#(424) 398-0198