Q & A

Luann Chou


My fun Letting Go Workshop Group

Q: What makes your coaching unique?

Luann: Everyone's coaching is unique.  My coaching is led by my intuition.  From a young age, I have often known things or sensed things that were not directly given to me verbally.  This is a gift I have of sensing.  Additionally, I strongly believe we are all so powerful.  I know sometimes it doesn't feel like it but we are.  Our thoughts are the basis of our power and I can help you to grasp and fully embrace your power.  

Q: How often should I get coaching?

Luann:  I recommend to begin with twice a month but it truly depends on you -  and I am always an advocate for listening to your gut instinct.  My intention and expertise is to guide you through places that have been challenging for you to navigate in your life.  In our first meeting, we will explore together areas you'd like to work on and I will give you an plan of what our time together will look like.   

Q:  Who do you admire?

Luann:  Louise Hay.  Louise went through a great deal in her life and was able to transform her story into one of grace, love and success passing her legacy on through her books and teachings. I am so grateful to Louise and her teachings.  

I am also in awe of Gandhi who I recently did a book study on.  It seems I love stories of transformation because he too is an incredible story of transformation. Gandhi was frightened to communicate with his peers throughout school and ran home each day immediately after dismissal.  He then went on to become a lawyer that was laughed out of the courtroom.  But that was just the beginning for Gandhi.  Through self study, Gandhi never stopped transforming and growing.  From a boy who would not speak to his peers and was laughed at as an attorney to become a man who spoke and inspired  millions about nonviolence and ultimately freed his people of British tyranny it's easy to be moved by his gentle strength.  

Q: What book(s) do you recommend?

Luann:  My favorite books are:

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron 

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

The Alchemist by Paulo Cuehlo

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukov

The are my top 4 books.  The Artist's Way and You can Heal your Life are great foundations to love yourself more which I believe is the key to healing, happiness and feeling whole.  

The Alchemist is a wonderful adventure of a boy that you will be able to relate to 100% - AMAZING!

The Seat of the Soul is for the soul that has been on their journey a little longer.  If you love karma, which I do, this is the book for you!  

Q: What do you recommend to everyone?

Luann:  Journal!  :)  Try to journal as much as you can.  Everyday if possible.  Journaling is part of my daily practive and meditate. Don't expect meditation to be quiet. It might be for you but it's not exactly quiet for me, though it is peaceful.  I find it's not silent for a lot of people because that is when spirit speaks to you.  Make room to listen to the voice within.